Privacy Policy – Target Stuff

This privacy policy governs your use of the Target Stuff (the Game) created by Green Lizard Games (the Developers). Target Stuff Is a game with the goal of throwing objects to a target.

What information does the Game obtain and how is it used?

User Provided Information

When you install the Game from Apple App Store on iOS or Google Play Store on Android you provide us with anonymous data such as the time of your installation or the country of the store from which you downloaded. In the same way, also removing the Game from your device is reported anonymously.

When reviewing our Game on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store you also provide us with your user name and any information you wrote in the review.

The way Google Play Store or Apple App Store deals any of your personal data is disclosed in their privacy policies.

If you decide to contact us by Email you are providing us your email address and any other information you include in your message.

Automatically Collected Information

We Developers are not interested in your personal information.

We do collect diagnostic data such as the model of your device and your operating system version in the event of a crash or error of the Game. Those data do not include any identifier such as your device IMEI or IP Address. Please check our game engine, Unity3D, privacy policy for more information about how diagnostic data are collected and used. As declared in our game engine (Unity3D) privacy policy and GDPR FAQs, those data do not include any identifier such as your device IMEI or IP address and are anonymized before transmission.

The Game uses Game Center on iOS and Google Play Services on Android solely to save your game data in case you change/lose your device. Please check their privacy policies. The save file consists of a list of the levels of the Game you completed and their respective scores.

The Game shows advertisements provided by Google Admob. However, in order to combat abuses, Admob requires us to ask your consent to use your adverisement id as further described below.
All advertisements are non-targeted, to conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) and other privacy regulations. We are not interested in your personal data. This applies to every user without exception.


We Developers make use of third party advertising networks inside of the Game. At the moment we make use of:

To make sure that those networks don’t collect any of your data we disabled personalized ads. However your Google Advertising ID (GAID) or Apple Identifier for Advertiser (IDFA) present on your mobile phone will be used solely by Admob in order to combat abuses as described here. We also prevented your id to be shared with any other parties.
The ads we will show you will be completely random and will use only broad information like the country from where you are connected to the Internet.

Does the Game use the real time location of your device in any way?

No, it doesn’t.

Data Retention Policy

If you want us to delete any User provided Information that you have provided either reviewing the Game, emailing us or any other possible way using the Game, please contact us at Please note that it might require up to a month before deletion.

There might be cases in which we can't help you, for instance if you post a review that includes personal data on a mobile apps store but neither you nor us can delete that review for whatever reason. In those cases all we can do is ask for the store owner to delete the review for you where possible, or we might ask you to contact directly the store owning company. Please check their privacy policies too if you find yourself in such situations.

We provide our best effort to protect and keep your privacy intact and untouched, but our powers are limited. We recommend to never share your personal data irresponsibly nor with us nor with any other third parties.


We do not use the Game to knowingly collect data or to personalize advertisements to children under the age of 13. The Game is meant to be used by a general audience without differentiating in any way its behaviour when a child or a user of any age is using it.

If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with information without their consent, he or she should contact us at . We will delete such information within a reasonable time in the limits of our powers as described in the Data Retention Policy above.


We do not collect personal data, as such our security measures are more meant to protect us, the Developers, and our Game property. We do use reasonable security measures for any other kind of information we maintain (such as error logs). In any case, please be aware that no security system can prevent all breaches.


This privacy policy may be changed at any time for any reason. We will keep posting the latest Privacy Policy on this page. Please check this Privacy Policy again regularly for any changes. Note that use of the Game is considered as approval of all changes.

Also note that if we ever decide to collect your personal data such changes will be reflected in both this Privacy Policy and our Game that will ask you for your explicit consent to the changes with a software update.

Your Consent

As described above we ask your consent for the use of your GAID or IDFA solely to allow our advertisement network to combat fraud as it's mandated for us to do so.

We want to conform to the GDPR and other similar privacy regulations. To do so we disabled personalized ads from our Advertisement partners as described above. We value our privacy, and therefore we value our users’ privacy even more, therefore we renounce to use personalized ads.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or our practices, please contact us via email at .